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Fantasy for Euphonium and Orchestra - Premiered in 2003 with Demondrae Thurman as soloist with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Chamber Orchestra. Recorded by Demondrae on his first solo CD, Soliloquies. Also arranged for euphonium and piano. View Score Pages  |  Listen via SoundCloud 


Festival at Market Square - Solo Trumpet and Wind Ensemble. Duration: 8:30. Listen via SoundCloud

Journey of the Knights - Grade 3 composition for concert band. Duration: 5:00. Listen via SoundCloud


Blue Bells of Scotland - Concert band and SATB choir. View Score Pages

Spiritual Medley - Old Time Religion; Oh, Freedom; This Little Light of Mine. Concert band and SATB choir.


Air (J. S. Bach) - Transcription for brass quintet. Originally in A minor, transposed to F minor for this transcription. View Score Pages

Autumn Mountain Harvest - Trombone Choir (8 parts). Written for the 50th Anniversary of the Trombone Choir at the University of Tennessee. Premiered by the UT Alumni Trombone Choir, 10/18/2015. Duration: 4:30.
Listen via SoundCloud

Baltic State National Anthems
- National anthems for Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania for brass quintet.

Conversation for Trombone and Timpani - "Bristol gives us a work of depth. It is challenging technically and musically. Conversation is a unique, substantive work." Paul Overly, ITA Journal, July 2013. Written for and premiered in 2009 by Joshua Hauser and Eric Willie at Tennessee Tech, Conversation is a one-movement work with contrasting sections. Recorded on their CD edge (ej) released in 2012. Duration: 6:00.
View Score Pages | Listen via YouTube 

Fantasy - For euphonium and orchestra (piano reduction of the orchestral score). Published by Cimarron Music Press.

Five Miniatures for Tenor Saxophone, Trombone, and Piano - Premiered at the 2003 World Saxophone Congress in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Commissioned by Dr. Debra McKim, Marc LaChance, and Ruth Moore, Hastings College, Hastings, Nebraska. This work is in five movements: I. Dance; II. Rondo; III. Ballad; IV. Intermezzo; V. Perpetual Motion. Recorded by Demondrae Thurman, Jon Noffsinger, and Kevin Chance on the CD Snapshots.
Published by ITA Press/Warwick Music  

Impetuous Encounter - for Sopranino Saxophone and Brass Quartet (tpt, hn, trb, tuba). Written for and premiered (2013) by Dr. Ferrell Vernon. Possible substitutions for sopranino sax include E-flat clarinet, B-flat clarinet, and soprano sax. Duration: 6:00.
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In Festo Transfigurationis Domini - (Palestrina) transcribed for tuba quartet (2 euphoniums - 2 tubas). Published by International Tuba-Euphonium Association Press and distributed by Cimarron Music Press. Listen via SoundCloud 

In Festo Transfigurationis Domini - (Palestrina) transcribed for trombone quartet. In a higher key than the verison for euph-tuba quartet. 

Litaniae de Beata Virgine Mary - (Palestrina) transcribed for 3 euphoniums and 2 tubas. Published by International Tuba-Euphonium Association Press and distributed by Cimarron Music Press

Magnificat - (Palestrina) transcribed for tuba quartet (2 euphoniums - 2 tubas). Published by International Tuba-Euphonium Association Press and distributed by Cimarron Music Press.

Mpingo - Written for Oboe (also available for Soprano Sax and Sopranino Sax) and prerecorded media. This composition has been performed on several student and faculty recitals and recorded by Farrell Vernon in 2010. Lyrical and intervalic melodies are built over somewhat complicated African style rhythms. After all, oboes are made of this African dark wood. Duration: 6:30.
View Score Pages | Also available on iTunes and Spotify.

Once in Royal David's City - Euphonium and Piano. Arrangement/Variations on this popular hymn. Duration: 4:00.
View Score Pages | Listen via SoundCloud

Sonata for Six Trombones - Contemporary work for trombones written in three movements. Duration: app. 10:00. International Trombone Association Press distributed by Warwick Music. View Score Pages

Sonata for Euphonium and Piano - Written for Demondrae Thurman and premiered at the U.S. Army Tuba-Euphonium Workshop in 2015 . Duration: 12:15. Listen via SoundCloud: Mvnt. 1 - Mvnt. 2 - Mvnt. 3

Sound the Charge! - trumpet fanfare (4 parts) written for Alabama State University trumpet ensemble. All parts recorded by Dr. Carly Johnson. Duration: 1:00.
View Score Pages | Listen via SoundCloud

Three Profiles for Wood and Metal - Oboe, Alto Saxophone (sub. Clarinet), and Piano. Presented in three movements: Dance, Two Moods, and Spirited. Commissioned by Dr. Debra McKim and Hastings College. View Score Pages | Listen via YouTube

Three Sketches - 2 trumpets, horn, trombone. Commisioned by the Alabama Music Teachers Association 2017. Duration: app. 7:00.

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
(J. S. Bach) As performed by Quatour du Sud. View Score Pages

Two Moods for Brass - Brass quintet piece in two movements, each containing contrasting ternary forms. Premiered by the Atlanta Symphony Brass Quintet in 1988. Trumpets double flugelhorn. Duration: app. 6:00.


A Visit to Kaibab - 3/4 groove with melodic writing and interesting horn voicings. Solo chord changes written in all horn parts. Ending includes rhythmic interplay between horn figures and drum solo. Written for trumpet, tenor sax, trombone, piano, bass, and drums. Published by UNC Jazz Press.

Blue in Green - (7 or 8 Brass, not including solo) Miles Davis/Bill Evans ballad features trumpet or trombone solo. Featured by the University of Northern Iowa Jazz Ensemble with Terell Stafford at the 1996 Tallcorn Jazz Festival, the 1995 UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival by UNC's Jazz Lab Band I, and by the Moments Notice big band at the International Association of Jazz Educators Conference in Atlanta, GA. Altos and Tenors double flute. Trumpets double flugelhorn. Trumpet Range: F#3.

Dedication Song - (8 Brass) Bossa feel with soprano and flugelhorn unison on the melody. Trumpet plays solo over a funky vamp leading to tenor solo over the changes. Performed by the Sonny Costanzo Jazz Ensemble with Clark Terry at the Hartford Jazz Festival in 1992.

Diddle for the Middle - (8 Brass) Contemporary straight-eighth chart in 3/4 time with a Pat Metheny feel. Challenging rhythms and chord changes makes this chart fun to listen to as well as perform. Winner of the 1995 Sinfonia Jazz Composition Contest at the University of North Texas and performed by the One O'Clock Lab Band. 1st Alto doubles soprano and plays improvised solo. Trumpet Range: E3. Published by UNC Jazz Press.

Escape Velocity - (10 Brass) The arrangement of this Woody Shaw composition has been used as a concert opener by the University of North Texas One O'Clock Lab Band for many years and is recorded on their album Live in Australia (1986). This chart is fast, but not too difficult, until you get to Woody's transcribed solo for the saxes. A rhythm section workout! Solos for trumpet and tenor sax. Doubles: Alto 1, 2-Flute; Ten. Sax 2-Flute. Trumpet Range: F#3. Published by UNC Jazz Press. Listen via SoundCloud

The North Rim - (8 Brass) Exciting contemporary chart written in a straight-eighth note style. Rhythmically intricate intro leads to a simple, but rhythmic melody stated in the trombones. Features a trombone solo which emerges from a dynamic ensemble section. An exciting solo vehicle for trombone. Recorded in 1996 by the University of Northern Colorado Jazz Lab Band I on the CD Alive XV. Doubles: Alto 1-Piccolo (Flute); Tenor 1-Soprano Sax, Bari Sax-Flute. Trumpet Range: E3. Published by UNC Jazz Press.  Listen via SoundCloud

Remembrance - (8 Brass) Original big band ballad feature for trombone. Trombone Range: C2. Published by TAP Music Sales.

Story Tales - (8 Brass) Laid back, straight-eighth feel with nice harmonies and colors. Easy to play. Trumpets double flugels, Altos and Tenors double flute. Trumpet Range: C3.


The Dance of Love - Arrangement of an original tune by the Atlanta based group League of Decency. This tune rocks! Performed at the 1996 UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival by UNC's Sus 4. Instrumentation: SSAA, synth, guitar, bass, and drums. Published by UNC Jazz Press.

The Dark Hills - Vocal and Piano set in a 20th c. modal style. View Score Pages | Audio Sample


500 Miles High - Chick Corea (8 Trombones and Rhythm)

Beauty and the Beast - Wayne Shorter (8 Trombones and Rhythm)

Ceora - Lee Morgan (8 Trombones and Rhythm)

Dahmley - Ballad composed by Jerry Coker. This arrangement is for 5 trombones, piano, bass, and drums. Trombone Range: D2. Published by TAP Music Sales.

Lament - J.J. Johnson (8 Trombones and Rhythm)

Tangerine (8 or 4 Trombones and Rhythm)

What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life - Written for and dedicated to Professor Don Hough at his final Trombone Night concert at the University of Tennessee, 2006. (5 Trombones). There is no jazz improvisation required. Recording by Doug Bristol, Andrew Shelton, Brad Palmer, Demondrae Thurman, and Jeff Koonce. View Score Pages | Listen via SoundCloud

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